Outils Inutiles //

The concept of Outils Inutiles is connected at the concept of time with all of its different ways in which it can be conceived. From "the time of the whales" to "the time of the insects" we want to show some various possibilities of the form of time and different ways to deal with it as it happens in everyday life. In Outils Inutiles we oppose objective and subjective point of view of time through images of clocks - useless instruments (Outils Inutiles) that can't represent the differents aspects of time - and sounds, conceived as they are in the musique concrète, where sounds and noises has the same aesthetic importance. The composition is a travel through images and sounds to show the importance of exploring time.

29.06/8.07.2010 . Outils Inutiles @ Mostra Il Viaggio - Follonica
27.11.2008 . Outils Inutiles & PrESTO @ Tempo Reale Festival - Firenze
28.09.2008 . studio 3 @ Suoni Sommersi 1.0 - Livorno
11.07.2008 . studio 2 @ De Rerum Digitalis Preview - Firenze
06.06.2008 . studio 2 @ Grammatica t 01 - Livorno
15.05.2008 . studio 1 @ Homework Festival 6.0 - Bologna