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TempoRoom is a network linking artists who work in the multimedia domain: electronic musicians, sound engineers, graphic artists, software developers.
This is the web gallery of their individual and collective productions, the footstep of a shared sensitivity including audio-video installations and performances, musical and graphical works. The project started in 2008 during the Mediasonic stage held at the Tempo Reale center for musical research and production, Florence – Italy.


Marco Liuni
email: leehooni(at)

MarcoLiuni //

Musician, degree in Classical Guitar and in Electronic Music; MS in Mathematics, PhD student in Applied Mathematics to Computer Music at the Sound Analysis and Synthesis Team of Ircam, Paris.

Main interests: sound spectral processing, phase vocoder, granular synthesis, real time audio-video.

Recent works: collaboration with the composer Marta Gentilucci to the realization of the work juv. for saxophone and live electronics, first performance at Espace de Projection of Ircam, Paris, in March 2010.

Realization of the original music for sax baritone and electronics for the theater performance Troski, by the Edgarluve company with support of Regione Toscana, Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie, Armunia.

Realizzation of the work how you know for voice and electronics, first performance at the Conservatorio B. Marcello of Venice, October 2009.

Realization of the audio-video installation Occhio Nero within the picture exhibition of the same name by the Negativa association, set up at Bottini dell'Olio of Livorno during the Effetto Venezia 2009 festival with support by Comune di Livorno, Effetto Venezia, SPIL, Armunia.

IRCAM - Analysis/Synthesis Team
Automatic Soundscape Generation
Audiofficine srl
Mu.E.S.Li. Association